Omega De Ville Luxury Replica Watches

Through time the baptism of father, caring, strong, has a calm and elegant temperament.Omega De Ville series code was born in the late 1940 of the 20th century, the classic reborn after more than half a century, Irene reappearance, like experience the time to sharpen your wise, elegant and full of meaning, and father of the rich life experiences complement each other.

De Ville series Watch Gold case is slim and elegant, luxurious materials makes the watch more exclusive charm, each of the two watches in gold, polished fine sheltering. Simplicity, edge restrained the arc white enamel dial, the short time scales and pointers on the arc show very clearly on the dial, read time is straightforward; and six o’clock positions of the date display window displays the date in Arabic numerals, can remind father date schedule.

Wristwatch movement remarkable stability, father’s steadfastness and the deep connotation of traits he showed. Watch case carries are hand-wound Omega movement 8511 “to reach coaxial” magnetic movement, this movement can resist up to 15,000 Gauss strong magnetic fields. Carrying card-free with Silicon spring Hairspring and onward arranged two-barrel, using red gold balance cock. Careful treatment of the surface of the movement, decorated with a unique Arabian-style Geneva waves. This movement can watch for up to 60 hours of power reserve.

Watch combines elegant design and excellent performance, and the father of calm and content complement each other.